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Corn Corn is one of the most popular crops because of its many applications – as feed for livestock, as food for humans and as a material in manufacturing, energy and other industries.
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Soybean Soybeans are rich in protein and oil, making it a useful crop for humans and livestock alike. Soybeans can be grown throughout nearly the entire U.S.
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Wheat Wheat is a widely grown commercial crop that is vital to feeding the world’s population. Depending on the variety, you can plant wheat during several times of year.
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Cotton Cotton is a profitable crop that can be used in textile manufacturing and food production (cottonseed oil). Its ideal growing conditions are warmer climates.
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Sorghum Sorghum is a versatile, fast-growing grain with strong drought tolerance. Because its planting dates can vary, sorghum is popular in the Eastern and Southern regions of the United States.
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Alfalfa Alfalfa is useful as forage for livestock, and has one of the highest nutritional values of all the hay crops. Alfalfa performs best when planted in well draining loamy soils with good moisture.
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Canola Prized for its healthy oil content, Canola is also used for industrial purposes and the meal supplied for feed. Canola oil is a staple in many diets and has received an FDA endorsement on its ability to lower the risk of heart disease.
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Sunflower Dyna-Gro sunflower hybrids fit most any condition our customers encounter. Find the hybrid that suits your maturity requirements or contract requirements in our selection of hybrids.
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