DG x122CL

  • Clearfield™

Higher average temperatures and drier conditions can lead to lower yields and seed quality issues. DG X122 CL is canola quality Brassica juncea that better tolerates heat and drought for consistent performance, reduced green seed, improved seed quality and higher yield potential. DG X122 CL has improved pod shatter resistance for better straight-cut performance.

  • Improved heat and drought tolerance
  • Excellent standability
  • Pod shatter resistance for straight cutting option
  • Eligible for non-GMO contract incentives
  • Clear eld® production system for resistance management and crop rotation management
Agronomic Traits
  • Yield
    114% of DG X121 CL
  • Disease Package
    R rating for blackleg; R for fusarium wilt
  • Standability
    Excellent rating of 1.4
  • Days to Maturity
    97 days; earlier than DG X121 CL (98 days)
  • Height
    44.5 in; shorter than DG X121 CL (45.7 in)
Product Information - Enhancement Options
  • Helix® Vibrance® seed treatment

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