DG 760TM

  • TrueFlex™
  • 38 Average Days to Bloom

  • 58 Average Days to Maturity

A TruFlex™ Canola with Roundup Ready® Technology with harvest management characteristics which allow growers to have the flexibility at harvest to straight cut or delay swathing. DG 760TM brings a wider spray window and application rate flexibility helping growers maximize yields.

Product Comments
  • Strong yield potential across diverse Canola growing regions
  • TruFlex™ technology for better control of tough weeds
  • High Black Leg tolerance to protect against yield loss
  • Flowers 6 days earlier than Croplan CP9978TF
  • Matures 2 days earlier than Croplan CP9978TF
  • Harvest Management technology enabling straight cut or delayed harvest operations
Disease Ratings
  • Black Leg
  • Fusarium Wilt
  • Yield Rating
  • *Yield Comparison
    102% of Croplan CP9978TF
Agronomic Traits
  • Standability
    Very Good
  • Standability Rating
  • Standability Comparison
    68% or .5 points better than trial average
  • Plant Height Inches
  • Plant Height Comparison
    4 inches shorter than Croplan CP9978TF
  • Seed Treatment
    Helix® Vibrance®
Zone of Adaptation

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