DG 540G

  • Genuity® Roundup Ready®

A yielding-leading and yield-stable Genuity® Roundup Ready® canola hybrid from Dyna-Gro® Seed, DG 540 will fit and perform across most geographies.

  • Excellent blackleg resistance
  • Consistent high-yield performer
  • Proven ease of swathing and harvestability
Agronomic Traits
  • Yield
    114.0% of HyCLASS® 970
  • Disease Package
    R rating for blackleg; R for fusarium wilt
  • Standability
    Standability rating of 0.5; comparable to HyCLASS 970 (0.3)
  • Days to Flower
    49 days; comparable to HyCLASS 970 (48 days)
  • Days to Maturity
    100 days; comparable to HyCLASS 970 (97 days)
  • Height
    46.0 in; comparable to HyCLASS 970 (47.0 in)
Product Information - Enhancement Options
  • Helix® Vibrance® seed treatment

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