A 20-year history of great seed growing legacies.

When it comes to seed, Dyna-Gro doesn’t believe you should have to choose between top genetics and your bottom line.

We market 9 crops in 49 states. While our record-breaking yields are recognized nationally, our focus is industry-leading results on a local scale through our regional seed solutions and retailers.

Choosing the right seed is the most important crop input decision you can make for your farm.

There’s no question about it: high yields start with high-quality seed. Dyna-Gro develops custom hybrids thanks to a wide variety of germplasm information and critical input from our Seed Specialists and customers in key markets.

We’ve built relationships with other premier seed manufacturers to bring even more solutions to our customers.

One of the top 10 seed companies in the U.S.

One of the top 10 seed companies in the U.S.

With our broad selection and cutting-edge science, Dyna-Gro has grown to be one of the top 10 seed companies in the United States. Dyna-Gro Seed is part of Nutrien Ag Solutions: a true full-scale service provider with access to in-house seed and treatment products as well as a third-party portfolio providing a best-of-breed program for ag operations.

Dyna-Gro Seed is constantly evaluating the latest technologies and developing new products to provide you with the ultimate crop hybrids and varieties.

Each year, Dyna-Gro test plots across the country are used to evaluate thousands of potential hybrids and varieties. Only a small percentage of seed makes the cut for additional testing.

Dyna-Gro Seed has over 80 replicated research sites across the United States. Products are monitored in specific environments to determine where they will perform the best—so you know the seed you’re getting is proven to succeed according to real-world conditions.

The product development team analyzes results from 2,500 third-party research sites annually cross-referenced with multiyear data before making final product advancement selections. All this testing means Dyna-Gro sells only the hardest-working seed with the best chance to perform.