Dyna-Gro Seed is able to offer broad access to genetics and traits that can improve your crops’ performance. Growth promoters. Increased plant health. Improved root systems. Targeted disease and pest resistance. Dyna-Gro can help you find the right product for more profitable yields. Click on a seed type below to see available product characteristics.

  • Agrisure Viptera® 3110

    Multi-pest control, both above and below ground. Tolerance to glyphosate and glufosinate herbicide.

  • Agrisure® 3000GT

    Corn rootworm and European corn borer insect protection and glyphosate and glufosinate herbicide tolerance.

  • Agrisure® GT

    Broadest spectrum of above-ground insect control, including black cutworm, corn earworm and western bean cutworm. Foundation of multiple trait stacks that control up to 16 yield and quality-robbing corn pests.

  • Agrisure® GT/CB/LL

    Combines the benefits of Agrisure® GT and Agrisure® CB/LL’s trait technologies into a single hybrid. This triple stack trait has proven season-long corn borer protection and an inbred tolerance to glyphosate and LibertyLink® Ignite herbicide.

  • Conventional

    This seed corn doesn't contain any added traits.

  • Genuity® Bollgard II® with Roundup Ready® Flex Cotton

    Combines powerful insect control with herbicide-tolerant traits all in one seed.

  • Genuity® DroughtGard® Hybrids with VT Double PRO® Corn

    Designed to help corn plants resist drought stress and minimize the risk associated with one key, unpredictable factor: The weather.

  • Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® Soybeans

    Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans provide farmers the same proven benefits of Roundup Ready® soybeans – combined with the only soybean trait that has the primary benefit of additional yield opportunity.

  • Genuity® SmartStax® RIB Complete® Corn

    Provides U.S. with the broadest spectrum of above and below-ground insects, as well as herbicide tolerance. Each bag contains a blend of 95% Genuity® SmartStax® corn seed and 5% (non-Bt) seed.

  • Genuity® VT Double Pro® Corn

    Double-stacked corn trait with double-stacked trait with dual modes-of-action against corn earworm; above-ground insect protection – including fall armyworm and European and Southwestern corn borer; 5% refuge, the lowest in the Corn Belt.

  • Genuity® VT Double Pro® RIB Complete® Corn

    Offers the simplest, most convenient refuge implementation option available to farmers needing above-ground protection for pests. 

  • Genuity® VT Triple Pro® Corn

    Combines global, exclusive genetics with the industry’s most advanced insect protection. Targeted for farmers in Southern U.S. where pests like corn earworm and fall armyworm cause yield damage as well as grain quality issues.

  • Genuity® VT Triple Pro® RIB Complete® Corn

    Offers farmers dual modes-of-action for protection against above-ground insects, a single mode-of-action for corn rootworm protection and herbicide tolerance. The single-bag is a blend of 90% insect-protected and 10% refuge seed, contains herbicide tolerance, a single mode of action for corn rootworm control and dual modes of action for above-ground insect protection - including corn earworm, fall armyworm and European and Southwestern corn borer.

  • GlyTol

    GlyTol LibertyLink stacked technology allows growers to make over-the-top applications of either glyphosate or Ignite herbicide. This innovation gives growers two nonselective herbicide modes of action to increase the spectrum of weed control, fight resistant weeds and reduce the potential for future development of weed resistance.

  • Herculex® I with Roundup Ready® 2 Corn

    Protects corn against European corn borer, southwestern corn borer, black cutworm, fall armyworm, western bean cutworm, southern corn stalk borer, lesser cornstalk borer and sugarcane borer, and provides suppression of corn earworm.

  • Herculex® XTRA with Roundup Ready® 2 Corn

    A stacked trait that combines the above-ground insect protection of Herculex I with the below-ground protection of Herculex RW. With Roundup Ready® Corn 2 technology for tolerance1 to Roundup® herbicide when applied over the top.

  • LibertyLink

    With LibertyLink® you get high-performing genetics coupled with better weed control than Roundup® on tough-to-control weeds for high yields that deliver.

  • LibertyLink with STS

    LibertyLink and STS stacked traits at mid group III.

  • Roundup Ready® 2 Corn

    Provides corn varieties with tolerance to specific glyphosate herbicides-registered for use on glyphosate-tolerant corn-which gives significant convenience in weed control as corn plants can be sprayed over-the-top without damaging the corn variety with the trait.