Dyna-Gro Seed is constantly evaluating the latest technologies and developing new products to provide you the ultimate crop hybrids and varieties.

Each year, Dyna-Gro test plots across the country are used to evaluate thousands of potential hybrids and varieties. Only a small percentage of seed makes the cut for additional testing.

Dyna-Gro Seed has over 80 replicated research sites across the United States. Products are monitored in specific environments to determine where they will perform the best – so you know the seed you’re getting is proven to succeed according to real-world conditions.

The product development team also analyzes results from another 2,500 third-party research sites annually cross-referenced with multiyear data, before making final product advancement selections.

All this testing means Dyna-Gro sells only the hardest working, high-performance seed with the best chance to perform.

Our goal is to bring you the most elite seed recommendations and the strongest lineup of products based on top yield potential.