Another FIRST trial win in Illinois!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Another FIRST trial win in Illinois, in the early maturity group with D48SS38. It didn't just win, it won by almost 10 bushel at 274/Bu in a replicated trial. Also having a good showing was D46SS62. That’s 3 First place wins in replicated FIRST plots this year already, with 3 different Dyna-Gro hybrids, and all within our selling geography. We have earned our spot on the farm, and have took backseat to no one. I have no doubt we could see our top products sell out this season, with the performance we're seeing so far this year across the corn belt. So please get your growers locked down on these early orders.


Shane Van Fleet

Dyna-Gro Sales Agronomist

Western Illinois Division


D52SS91 wins again!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Quick observations are the early maturities didn’t respond but the mid and late season had response.  Again not to beat a dead horse but D52SS91 won the plot AND responded the most to our Loveland Products….like a one two punch packing 267.5 bushel/acre average yield with Loveland Products.  I also think where we see the negative bushel response to starter it is mainly 1 or 2 bushels so pretty much a no response or even.


Plot average on the monitor was 235 bushel/acre dry.  All bushel averages in the spreadsheet are dry bushels.

Peter Rousonelos


Dyna-Gro D52VC91 performs!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Ran a side by side in central KY. The comparison was between DG52VC91 and a competitor. Also comparing both hybrids with and with out fungicide chemigation though the pivot. Even though we did not need water this year, farmer applied to get fungicide out. 2 applications v-5 and a R-1.. Yield as follows:
DG52VC91 non pivot fungicide: 232 bu/ac adjust for moisture
Competitor: non pivot fungicide: 200 bu/ac adjusted for moisture

DG52VC91 pivot fungicide: 256 bu/ac adjust for moisture
Competitor: pivot fungicide: 244 bu/ac
Adjusted for moisture

So a 32 bu/ac spread with no fungicide
12 bu spread with fungicide
Competitor seed had a 44bu/ac increase with fungicide application.
DG52VC91 23 bu increase..

Any way you look at it. DG52VC91 is a STUD!!! Has been and still is!
Hitch you wagon to a winning team with CPS!! 
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Logan Spalding - CPS


Results of the Dyna-Gro 20" Road Show Plot

Friday, September 18, 2015

Here are the results of the Dyna-Gro 20” Road Show Plot we held this summer in our Western Illinois Location. Great performance by both brands, but D48SS38 continues to flex its top end muscle in 1st. D52SS91 consistent as always in 2nd, and the Rookie, D51SS54 with the best late season plant health in our lineup, and low GS risk in a solid 3rd.  No one can deny the performance package we have to offer in our Dyna Gro lineup is one of the best in the industry, combined with our Loveland Nutritional package, our fertilizer recommendations with Agricen Fertilizer Catalyst like Titan, Extract, and Accomplish LM,  and we are the MVS (Most Valuable Salesman) that will step onto our growers farm this fall.

-Shane Van Fleet

Dyna-Gro Seed Agronomist


CPS Mississippi Division

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Crop Production Services: Mississippi Division

Here is the latest plot harvest out of Bolton, MS last week. The plot average in this dryland environment was 130 bushels per acre and Dyna-Gro 57VP51 averaged 151 bushels!! One of the 113 day hybrids Dyna-Gro 53VC47 did very well also at 144 bushels. Dyna-Gro continues to be a top yielder!!


Dyna-Gro D52VC91

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I was with Don Bullock, a sales rep from CPS Milford, Delaware today making farm calls and evaluating fields. He said one of his customers was harvesting 112 day Dyna-Gro D52VC91 and sent him a snap shot of the yield monitor showing a part of the field yielding 320 bu/acre!!!

The entire field average 280 bu/a, not too bad for an eastern farmer. D52VC91 looks better than ever again in 2015.

Tom Barber – CCA

Dyna-Gro Seed Agronomist


Dyna-Gro 39RY25 going 89.4 bushel per acre!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dyna-Gro 39RY25 soybeans going 89.4 bushel per acre at 11.1% moisture on pivot in Northeast Cozad, NE. Topped all other group II soybeans by over 12 bushel per acre.

Nice Job Mike Loshonkohl and Travis Brock from the CPS Cozad Location.