Dyna-Gro Seed has a 20-year history of delivering quality seed with industry-leading performance.

Dyna-Gro markets 6 crops in 44 states. While Dyna-Gro is a national brand, we remain focused on local success with regional seed solutions and retailers.

Choosing the right seed is the most important crop input decision you make for your farm. Dyna-Gro understands high yields start with high-quality seed. Dyna-Gro Seed develops custom hybrids, thanks to access to a wide variety of germplasm and critical input from our people on the ground within all key markets.

We’ve built relationships with other premier seed manufacturers to bring even more solutions to our customers. With our broad selection and cutting-edge science, Dyna-Gro has grown to one of the top 10 seed companies in the United States.

Dyna-Gro Seed is a part of Crop Production Services (CPS), a true full-scale service provider with access to in-house seed and treatment products as well as a third-party portfolio to provide a best-of-breed program for ag operations.

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